International Association of Lottery Suppliers

Assoc. of Lottery Suppliers
The IALS - International Association of Lottery Suppliers

A division of PGRI, IALS was created in July 1987 for the many companies that provide products and services to the U.S. and Canadian lotteries. IALS members comprise most all of the leading suppliers to lotteries in North America and throughout the world. The primary goal of IALS is to help suppliers more efficiently and effectively market to lotteries worldwide. With more than 25 years of broad-based lottery experience, PGRI is uniquely qualified to offer this service to all companies with an interest in this growing industry.

Enhanced communication by means of the IALS bulletins and other Institute publications enables suppliers and lotteries to respond more quickly to advances in technology, changes in legislation or other new opportunities.

IALS members are the first to receive the latest industry news and information by way of emailed weekly bulletins. IALS bulletins are sent to all lottery directors, maximizing the members' exposure level.

If your revenue depends on the lottery industry, you can't afford not to be an IALS member!

Each member of the International Association of Lottery Suppliers receives:

A one year subscription to Public Gaming International - a subscription to the publication that provides the most efficient and cost-effective form of communication available to the lottery industry. Readers profit from monthly statistics and in-depth articles on the lotteries and their suppliers.

World Lottery Review - the review provides statistics and comparison charts on every U.S. and Canadian lottery, as well as articles by industry specialists.

The World Directory of Lotteries and Suppliers

- Only IALS members are featured in the suppliers' listing of this handy pocket directory. The listing includes key contacts, phone and fax numbers and a complete description of products and services. For ease of supplier identification, there is also a cross-index of vendors and their products.

Company Profile - Free advertising in the form of your company's complete and detailed Company Profile in The World Lottery Review and The WorldDirectory.

The Company Profile is exclusive to membership and cannot be purchased separately.

International Morning Report - a weekly email bulletin that provides all of the latest information pertinent to the lottery industry: new developments, legislation changes, RFPs released, contracts awarded, personnel changes, new products, bid status, association news, lottery statistics, new directors and more. The Morning Report is exclusive to membership and cannot be purchased separately.

Direct Industry Input - Each IALS member has an active voice in planning conferences and seminars. Suggestions and comments are frequently solicited and put into effect by the Institute's conference staff. IALS members have the opportunity to contribute ideas to Public Gaming International. Members also have access to the feedback received from lottery directors on how lottery products and services might be improved. Thus, individual suppliers will have a better understanding of how their products or services are viewed, and what improvements can be made.

With all of the tremendous opportunities in the lottery industry, there is no better time to join the International Association of Lottery Suppliers. Today's prospects become tomorrow's success stories, so join the IALS now. The membership cost is small; the benefits are considerable.

If you are interested in joining IALS -Call

Public Gaming Research Institute, Inc. 218 Main Street, #203 Kirkland, WA 98033 T: (425) 985-3159 F: (800) 657-9340